Monday, May 15, 2017

Zero perspective

So Yankee Stadium poured its love down on the Captain last night, and Derek Jeter's No. 2 officially went off to the posterity it so richly deserves. That means every single-digit number has now been retired by the Yankees, except for one.

Which raises this interesting question.

I mean, really. Why not zero?

It's not like we've never seen it before, after all. Heck, pro football Hall of Fame lineman Jim Otto wore double zero back in his salad days with the Oakland Raiders. So did Kenny Burrough, the old Oilers wide receiver. So, for a season each, did baseball players Jack Clark and Bobby Bonds.

And zero itself?

One of the greatest Pittsburgh Pirates of all time, Al Oliver, wear the Big Nothing. And the NBA is stuffed with zeroes, so to speak.

The soon-to-be MVP of the league, Russell Westbrook, wears it. So do Kevin Love of the Cavs and Damian Lillard of the Blazers, following in the footsteps of Orlando Wooldridge, Gilbert Arenas, Olden Polynice and Mike Bibby, among others.

Shoot. There's so many zeroes out there, it's almost mainstream. And yet still cool in a minimalist sort of way.

So how about it, Yankees? Who wants to be a zero?

So to speak.

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