Wednesday, May 17, 2017

When a plan comes together

Something must be wrong with me. I'm starting to think LaVar Ball has magical powers.

I'm starting to think Lonzo Ball's ridiculous dad might actually (No! Don't say it!) know what he's talking about. I'm starting to think there will be a market for Lonzo's $500 shoe, that the kid will be the second coming of Jason Kidd (because, yes, some people are saying that), that LaVar isn't just some delusional loose-wingnut dreamer when he says if you say something often enough ands emphatically enough, it will come true.

Didja see what happened in the NBA draft lottery last night?

The Celtics, who got the Nets' lottery spot in a 2013 trade deal, drew the No. 1 pick.

The Lakers drew the No. 2 pick.

The Lakers are the team LaVar Ball has been saying all along will be the team Lonzo winds up playing for. They're also a team that had to draw a top-three pingpong ball or they'd lose their pick to the 76ers. And if they lost their pick to the Sixers, they'd either have to make some kind of deal or likely lose out on Lonzo.

And so of course they drew the No. 2 pick. And of course the Celtics are reportedly interested in either picking guard Markelle Fultz of Washington with the top pick or trading it, neither of which would affect the Lakers' taking Lonzo.

Which would mean another piece of LaVar Ball's crazy master plan would fall neatly into place.

Eerie, I tell you. Eerie.

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