Monday, May 1, 2017

Today in fleecing news

By now we're all aware that major league sports moguls are the world's biggest freeloaders, sponging off the taxpayers so they can have shiny new facilities in which to put their shiny toys (i.e., franchises) while selling the public carloads of hooey about how sports franchises Create Jobs and Benefit The Local Economy.

(They don't, actually. Study after study after study has proved this. Yet people still believe it, on account of we live in a country that believes moguls no matter how outrageously they lie. I mean, look at the whoppers the mogul in the White House gets away with.)

In any case ... I'm wondering how the good people of Minneapolis think the shiny new facility they paid for a year ago is Benefiting The Local Economy.

Umbrella sales, perhaps?

The citizenry got sheared for almost half the cost of the Vikings' new $1 billion digs, while the Vikings owners who stand to rake in most of the dough from it paid just over half. You can do this when you engage in blackmail, which is essentially what these guys do. Build us a new stadium, or you lose your team. And our boy in the commissioner's office, Roger Goodell, will back our play. Look what he helped us do to St. Louis and Oakland. You wanna be next?

That bill of goods gets even worse when the facility you got strong-armed into paying for starts falling apart almost immediately. Seriously, panels falling? Leaks? Millions of dollars in repairs already?

Two guesses whose pockets that comes out of.

First one doesn't count.

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