Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Your "Huh?" moment for today

And now, on the day after former Miami Dolphin linebacker Nick Buoniconti's sad tale of memory loss, falls and mental deterioration -- the residue, at least partially one would think, of 14 years of stick-'em hits in the NFL ...


Yes, that's right, America. From the folks who have made countless forays into dopiness over the years, it's a concussion protocol entirely consistent with that. Which is to say, it's a concussion protocol that makes you think the people who came up with it should be under a concussion protocol.

Put aside the fact that you're messing with the health of the most transcendent star in your game. Even if this weren't Sidney Crosby ... and even if he didn't have a history of concussions ... and even if he hadn't gone headfirst into the boards and then struggled to get up a mere seven days after sustaining a concussion ... how do you have a protocol like this? How do you empower your concussion cops to take a guy off the ice if he hits his head on the ice or another player's shoulder or a fist, but not if he goes headfirst into the boards?

And not softly, either. Check out the play in question.

Does it make any sense that Crosby didn't have to miss a shift after that?

Does it shock you that it's the NHL not making any sense here?

It does?

Wow. You must have missed the Glow Puck, then.

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