Monday, December 12, 2016

The stupidest thing you'll hear today

No, not Bengals defensive back/nitwit Pacman Jones repeatedly calling Terrelle Pryor of the Browns "garbage." Really, Pac, isn't just playing for the Browns punishment enough? You gotta pile on the poor guy?

Then again, three other nitwits in the state of Washington would likely use rampant trashing of players by other players as evidence that, yes, football stadiums truly are lawless places, which is why people should be allowed to pack heat there.

The three nitwits who came up with this harebrained idea are, sadly, three Washington state reps. All jacked up on testosterone and Trump triumphalism, presumably, they've introduced a bill that would make it illegal for even privately run entities like football stadiums (or any other sporting venue) to bar people with concealed carry permits from exercising their God-given right to carry their shootin' irons into, say, a Seahawks game.

This is just a wonderful idea, given the level of drunken mayhem that's already rampant in NFL stadiums. You know, like here, for instance.

The three nitwits, of course, argue that allowing some of the drunks to carry firearms would lessen this sort of mayhem, not escalate it.  How this makes sense to anyone with a working brain cell is   far beyond the Blob's ability to decipher -- other than to note that, since a good chunk of the country seems to have lost its collective mind these days, perhaps we should become used to this sort of diseased thinking.

On the other hand, crazy face-painting drunks (or worse, self-appointed guardians of order) waving their Glocks around would at least ensure ISIS wouldn't dare try to infiltrate Seahawks games. Yeeaaahhh.

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