Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A few brief thoughts on NFL Week 14

And now this week's edition of The NFL In So Many Words, the seasonally festive Blob feature talk radio in Los Angeles has declared "not as stupid as Stan Kroenke" and "not something we would terminate in a short week with three games left in the season, like that stupid Stan Kroenke did with Jeff Fisher":

1. Speaking of Jeff Fisher, the Department of Nickname Re-Assignment has declared that "7-and-9" is now available again.

2. Also, Fisher's new nickname is "Offering Mediocrity At A New Low, Low Price, Just In Time For the Holidays."

3. Also, Los Angeles, because it's Los Angeles, has been assigned two nicknames: "Suck-errrrs!" and "What Did You Think You Were Getting? An Actual NFL Team?"

4. In other news, the Browns!

5. Are still the Browns, i.e., Stan Kroenke's fallback position when people in L.A. ask him when he's going to bring an actual NFL team to the city, instead of, you know, the Rams. "Hey, at least we're not the Browns!" Kroenke is fond of saying.

6. Hey, look, it's the Packers!

7. Beating the child-proof stuffing out of a team vaguely resembling the Seahawks!

8. This just in: Tom Brady is a cyborg.

9. This also just in: And the Colts are not.

 10. But at least they're not the Browns.

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