Friday, December 30, 2016

Meanwhile, in those other bowls ...

This is not the time to raise certain questions about the bowl system, like when the Peach Bowl became a major bowl instead of what it's always been, which is one of those bowls that's played on December 28 or thereabouts and features the likes of 6-6 Whatsamatta U. vs. 7-5 Directional Hyphen Tech.

(I mean, OK, the Fiesta Bowl as one of the national semifinal games I get. But how did the Peach Bowl get the other one? The Peach Bowl? When it did it crash the Fiesta-Rose-Sugar-Cotton-Orange nexus?)

Anyway ... this is not the time to ask those questions. Instead, it's the time to ask Razorbacks tight end Jeremy Sprinkle what he was thinking the other day when he did what he did.

Here's what Sprinkle did, see, to get himself kicked out of the Belk Bowl: He shoplifted. From a Belk store.

He shoplifted from a Belk store, even though, as part of his bowl swag, he got a $450 Belk gift card to spend. And not only that, but among the additional $280 worth of items he got nicked for shoplifting was ... a pair of socks.

A pair of socks?

OK, sure, so maybe the kid really likes socks. And maybe they were really nice socks. But come on. Who shoplifts socks?

I guess it was a good thing he got caught when he did. Who knows how many packages of underwear he could have spirited away?

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