Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Aaaand so it begins.

You may activate the rumor mill ... now.

You know that guy at Michigan? That Jim Harbaugh guy?

He hasn't been there two years, and already two things have happened. Both of them, needless to say, are completely predictable.

1. He's turned Michigan into Michigan again.

2. He's become the subject of coaching rumors, now that the Rams job has come open.

Stan Kroenke doesn't have much of a team but he does have lots of money to throw around, and he does have the West Coast to sell. Both are major incentives -- particularly, where Harbaugh is concerned, the West Coast part, given that he spent so much time there at Stanford and, in the NFL, with the 49ers.

And, OK, sure, he's a Michigan guy. And, yeah, he's barely started his work there. But this is what you're always going to get with him, because he's not a long-term kind of guy, and he had enough success in the NFL to make him an attractive option for, say, guys like Stan Kroenke.

As the Blob predicted on December 30, 2014, the day after he was hired:

It says here the Harbaugh Era in Ann Arbor lasts no more than five seasons, and then it'll be back to the NFL. The only reason he's in Ann Arbor now, frankly, is because Michigan's going to pay him $5 million a year to be there, and all of the NFL jobs currently available (Oakland, Chicago, Atlanta, the Jets) are dead ends.

So home he comes, for the time being. But never forget that he's a Super Bowl coach who didn't quite get it done in the ultimate football game America produces. That's a powerful incentive to go back and finish the job. Sooner or later -- probably sooner, if he gets Michigan back to being Michigan in the next three or four years -- the right NFL team is going to come after him. When it does, he'll be gone, if for no other reason than that's what his entire job history suggests.

So Michigan, love him while you've got him. But don't get too attached.

True then. Truer now.

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