Sunday, September 25, 2016

Your Stop Digging moment for today

... comes from Ken Starr, erstwhile president of Baylor University and the proud owner, apparently, of a fatally crippled judgment gene.

Not just because he oversaw his university's tacit facilitation of sexual assault by members of the Baylor football team. It's because he just doesn't know when to cut his losses.

Seems he still doesn't think Baylor had a systemic problem, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. And he said so in public. He also said he thinks Baylor did football Art Briles dirty by ousting him, on account of it really wasn't his fault he wasn't accountable for what went on his program.

Or, you know, something like that.

Look. If I were Starr, or anyone else from Baylor, I wouldn't be defending Briles, and I for sure wouldn't be trying to cast him as the victim here. He's not. The young women assaulted by his players, those are the victims. He's the de facto perpetrator -- or, at the very least, a passive accomplice for looking the other way.

Trying to paint him as the victim is not just inaccurate. It's appallingly tone-deaf, not to say appallingly witless.

You know what, Ken?

If I were you -- if I were anyone involved in this sordid business -- I not only wouldn't be defending Art Briles. I wouldn't be saying anything. I'd be keeping my head down and my mouth shut.

You folks in Waco have dug yourself a deep enough hole as it is. No sense making it any deeper.

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