Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A few brief thoughts on NFL Week 2

And now this week's edition of The NFL In So Many Words, the no-bally, no-hoo Blob feature of which presidential candidate Gary Johnson has said "What is this 'NFL' and why does it require so many words?", and  "At least Jimmy Garoppolo didn't get hurt":

1. Jimmy Garoppolo!

2. Got hurt!

3. It's Tuesday morning and the Lions just got flagged for holding again.

4. By the zebra wearing the Marcus Mariota jersey.

5. No, officer, I haven't seen Andrew Luck.

6. Yes, I know there's still a guy out there wearing No. 12 for the Colts. But I swear it's not him.

7. And that's not Aaron Rodgers, either, by the way.

8. Hey, look, the Browns are going to wi--

9. OK, never mind.

And last but not least ...

10. Jay Cutler, you are no Carson Wentz.

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