Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Little big town

So the not-really-new Los Angeles Rams played their not-really-inaugural home opener in their not-really-new digs Sunday, and it went about as you'd expect for a city that never really cared about pro football all that much, and probably won't again soon.

The not-really-new digs, the Coliseum, apparently were Not Really Up To The Task. On a 90-degree day, concessions ran out of food, water and beer in, like, the second quarter. (Really, water? How do you run out of water, especially on a hot day?). The wait to get in was apparently interminable. And once you got in, the line at the concession stands stretched back out the gates and jammed up the concourse.

It was not, shall we say, a quality NFL experience. Or even a single-A indoor football experience.

Which should have surprised no one. It is, after all, L.A.

Aka, A Not-Really-NFL-City.

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