Friday, September 4, 2015

Tebow! Part Deux

And so, a day later, RGIII is still in Washington (for now). Michigan’s offense
is still as crappy as it was last year (despite the mystical powers of Jim
Harbaugh). The Redskins are still gouging their non­season ticketholders
(who will not be allowed to leave tickets at will-­call).

And NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, freshly punched in the mouth by the

He will not be attending the 2015 season opener next Thursday night
featuring his nemesis, Tom Brady and the Super Bowl champion Patriots.
Apparently he has decided if he ignores them, they’ll just go away.

But enough about that.

How about that Tim Tebow?

Yes, America, it’s once again TebowTime! (a registered Blob trademark). The Eagles’ third/fourth string quarterback threw two touchdown passes last night in a preseason loss to the Jets. Overall, he was 11 of 17 for 189 yards, leaving him 21 of 36 for 286 yards, two touchdowns and one
interception for the preseason.

That compares favorably with the Eagles other third/fourth string QB, Matt
Barkley, who finished the preseason 27 of 52 for 351 yards and two picks.
So, we’ll see.

Me, I’m rooting for Tebow, because, hey, I need a third­string QB/H-
back/evangelist for my fantasy team. And besides, I miss the Tebow hype.
It’s so much more palatable than all the other hypes, like the Deflategate
hype, the Adrian­Peterson­-beating­-his­-kid hype, the various­-NFL­-players-
beat­ing-women hype, the IU­-basketball­-boozing hype.

Can-­Tim-Tebow-­be-­an-­NFL-quarterback seems refreshingly wholesome
after all that. And so ... no offense, Matt Barkley. But I hope, when it's all said and done, that you’re the guy who hears the knock on his door and the words “Coach Kelly wants to see
you. And bring your playbook.”

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