Friday, April 21, 2017

Yeah, but ...

Time now for yet another new Blob feature, Yeah, But ..., in which the Blob takes the contrarian view (or perhaps just the broader view) of things upon which everyone agrees.

For instance: Did you see what happened in Game 3 of the Pacers-Cavaliers series last night?

The Pacers lost. Epically. And by "epically," I mean, "blew a 25-point halftime lead at home" epically. So now LeBron 'n' them are up 3-0 in the series, and there isn't a single person not currently living outside the Pacers locker room who doesn't know the boys in blue-and-gold are about to get swept.

All together now: Yeah, but ...

Yeah, but it's not like they were going to win this series, anyway. The Cavs are just better. Like, by a factor of ten better. Their three best players are all better, by pretty much the same factor, than anyone the Pacers have outside of Paul George. No one guards LeBron, but they have no one who can guard Kyrie and no one who can guard Kevin Love.  If that weren't true, they wouldn't have squeaked into playoffs by the skin of their teeth. So, yeah, it was a bad loss. But in this case, that's just details.

OK. One more.

Did you see what happened to the Chicago Blackhawks last night?

They got swept in a playoff series for the first time since 1993. Not only that, they got swept by a Nashville Predators team that finished 15 points behind them in the regular season. Not only that, they scored three goals in four games. And not only that, but they were the best team in the Western Conference in the regular season, winning 50 games and putting up 109 points.

Yeah, but ...

Yeah, but, this is the Stanley Cup playoffs, where stuff happens. Nashville's style just happened to be a style designed to give the Blackhawks fits. Plus, the Predators had a hot goalie, and in the compressed environment of a seven-game series, a hot goalie is everything. Plus, again, it's the Stanley Cup playoffs. Stuff happening that no one can figure out is why they're the best of all playoffs.

OK. That's enough for now. Tune in for future episodes.

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