Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Cheaters prosper, blah-blah

Not much to say this morning about last night's One Shiner Moment, except that the Blob drifted off at halftime and missed the worst part of it, which happened when the stripes took the game hostage and turned the second half into a butt-ugly whistlefest.

Glad I missed it. Glad, too, I didn't have to watch North Carolina cut down the nets, because  cheaters prospering has never been appointment TV for me.

And so yay, Tar Heels, who cares, and on to other things.

Patrick Ewing getting the Georgetown job, firstly. Tony Romo deciding he's had enough of getting various pieces of him broken, secondly.

The Ewing thing was a no-brainer, Georgetown keeping it in the most insular family in college buckets. Romo deciding to hang it up seems like a no-brainer, too, even though abundant evidence exists he could still probably play a little.

Some would say he could still play a lot, but the Blob has never been one of those. He's only a soon-to-be 37, but it's a very old 37, having played in parts of just five games the last two seasons because of collarbone and -- red alert here -- back injuries. And he was about to get released by the Cowboys, for whom he's the franchise leader in career passing yards (34,183), touchdowns (248) and QBR (97.1).

All of that is in the rearview, however. Even if he got picked up by another team, what was going to be left for an aging, beat-up star? Yes, it worked for Peyton Manning, but Romo, good as he used to be, is not Peyton Manning. And even for Peyton, it only lasted about three years before the tread started coming off for good.

Professional football has always been a balancing act between rewards and diminishing returns, and Romo obviously looked at the scales and saw them seriously tilted toward the latter. He's had a great career, but the prospects of him significantly adding to it at this point were minimal -- especially, again, coming off back surgery.

Back issues, after all, tend to be chronic. Just ask Tiger Woods, who isn't even getting hit periodically by 280-pound defensive ends.

And so, off Romo will go into broadcasting, the assisted living quarters for ex-jocks. Three networks are already lining up to hire him. And I'm sure all three can come up with a nice comfy chair for him to sit in.

What else does a 37-year-old with a bum back need?

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