Tuesday, April 25, 2017

MMA 1, Civilization 0

The Blob is not, never has been, and never will be a passionate Mixed Martial Arts zone. This is because the Blob doesn't understand what it's seeing, on those rare moments when an MMA fight has flitted across its radar. This is also because, as a consequence, every MMA fight looks the same to it.

Two guys (or women) trade a few punches. They trade a few more. Then one tackles the other, and they roll around on the mat for awhile, trading a few more punches, until one forces the other to submit.

Repeat, like, a million times.

(A confession: The Blob also harbors a grudge against MMA that goes back to the night it went to a sports bar to watch a big college football game, and the sports bar wasn't showing it because it was airing some pay-per-view MMA fight instead. On every one its TV screens. So instead of putting on an actual big-time sporting event, the way a sports bar worth the name should, it was airing whatever MMA is. So ... yeah. There's that).

At any rate: Not an MMA fan. And not likely to be after seeing this, which, I don't know, seems vaguely disturbing to me.

OK. So more than vaguely disturbing.

I mean, seriously? A 24-year-old fighting a 12-year-old? How does that not qualify as, you know, child abuse?

And amateur bout or not, what sort of sleazebag sanctions it?

The decline of civilization proceeds apace.

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