Friday, June 3, 2016

Um, wrong city, dude

And now today's edition of Dumb Stuff Politicians Say, the latest in a long-running series, longer even than "Law&Order", which predates the John Quincy Adams administration.

It seems the Game Show Host was campaigning in the Bay Area yesterday, wearing his dopey red Made in China hat, and of course, being the Game Show Host, he did what the Blob has repeatedly said politicians should never, ever, ever to infinity do: Make an off-the-cuff comment about the local sports scene.

As the Blob has noted to infinity before, politicians don't know macaroni about sports. That's especially true of the Game Show Host, who decided some years ago he was going to use some of the millions his dad left  him to buy a football team, on account of he's one of those rich guys who thinks money makes him an instant expert on everything.

Well, we know what happened: Within a couple of years he spent not just his own team but an entire professional football league (the USFL) into oblivion. Nicely done.

So, the Game Show Host, like 99 percent of politicians, knows nothing about sports. Which means it probably wasn't a surprise that he told a crowd in San Jose he was going to wrap this up fast so all the basketball fans in attendance could get home and watch "San Francisco" play.

Only problem: The Golden State Warriors don't play in San Francisco. They play in Oakland.

Which is a different city, even if the geographically challenged tend to think of the two as one.


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