Friday, June 17, 2016

Aaaaand ... wrong again

Well, of course. Just when you think counter-intuitive is the way to go, the intuitive itself becomes counter-intuitive (or something), and there you are again, as wrong as mustard on ice cream.

In other words: We're getting a Game 7 in the NBA Finals.

We're getting a Game 7 because the Cavaliers did, in fact, come home and win Game 6, which everyone kind of figured would happen after they won Game 5 on the road to stay alive. And which therefore was what everyone should have expected not to happen, because if we've learned anything from this series it's that the unexpected should always be expected.

Well ... not this time.

This time LeBron James put on the cape and tights again and shifted into Hero Mode, and the Cavs won to force a Game 7 Sunday back in Oakland. Don't even ask if the Blob is going to predict that one. The Blob officially surrenders.

Oh, sure, the Warriors should win a Game 7 at home, but they should have won Game 5 at home, too, and didn't. On the other hand, the Cavs should have won Game 6 at home, and did. So basically nobody knows nuttin' about how this goes now.

The only thing we do know is the notion that LeBron is not clutch (an annoyingly recurring meme, somehow) needs to go the way of all misbegotten notions. No matter what happens in Game 7, he has buried it for keeps. Last night he put up 41 points for the second game in a row to keep the Cavs alive, to go with 11 assists. That means he accounted for 27 of the Cavs' 40 field goals. If that isn't putting a team on his back, nothing will ever be.

So please, haters. Shut up. You just sound silly now. And you'll really sound silly when he has another huge game on Sunday, whether or not the Cavs win or not.

That, the Blob will predict. And so of course ...

Well. You can finish that sentence.

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