Monday, June 20, 2016

Sweat equity

And now our latest episode of Southern Justice, aka, Them Boys Can Play Football, So We Can Afford To Be Some Lenient With 'Em:

Remember the two Alabama football players who got dinged last month with possession and stolen firearm charges?

Well, it seems the district attorney in Louisiana where left tackle Cam Robinson and safety Laurence "Hootie" Jones were arrested has declined to prosecute. The reason: They've done a pile of sweating growing up, and the rest of us haven't.

No, really. Serious as a heart attack here.

"I want to emphasize once again that the main reason I'm doing this is that I refuse to ruin the lives of two young men who have spent their adolescence and teenage years working and sweating, while we were all in the air conditioning," district attorney Jerry Jones told KNOE-TV.

Well, now. Isn't that special.

Makes you wonder if Mr. Jones is buds with the judge in California who didn't want to ruin the Stanford swimmer/rapist's life. Or, you know, the DA in Tallahassee who didn't want to pursue the allegations of sexual assault against then-Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, who was (entirely coincidentally, of course) trying to win the Seminoles a national title.

Justice is blind, we're told. But apparently it peeks sometimes.

How else would it know when to cheer?

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