Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A few brief thoughts about Game 5

And now a special edition of In So Many Words, the Blob feature of which critics have said, "Aieee! Get it off me!" and "I thought he was done with this until September!":

No way, peasants. Welcome to Game 5 Of The NBA Finals In So Many Words:

1. Cavaliers 112, Warriors 97.

2. You know what means.

3. No, not the Cavs returning home to thump the Warriors in Game 6, silly.

4. It means confetti and net-cutting for the Warriors in Game 6, 'cause that's just how these Finals roll.

5. Hey, look, it's Good Kyrie!

6. Hey, look, it's Bad Kyrie over there in the wings, waiting for his cue!

7.   Draymond. C'mon, man, pick up.

8. We forgive you. But no more hitting people in the jollies, OK?

9. LeBron James' numbers, with Cleveland facing elimination: 41 points, 16 boards, 7 assists, 23 Cavaliers buckets accounted for.

10. Too bad he's not clutch.

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