Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The defiant ones. Or one.

So when last we left the impending cluster that is the Rio Olympics, a British athlete (long jumper Greg Ruthorford) was freezing his sperm because he didn't want to infect his partner with the Zika virus, and a pregnant "Today" anchor (Savannah Guthrie) was saying she would give the Games a pass because of the Zika virus, and NBA players were bailing left and right because of the Zika virus.

Oh, sure, none of them said that, preferring "I have an owie," instead. But you can't fool the Blob. "I have an owie" is just baller-speak for "I ain't messin' with no damn Zika virus."  You just know it.

In any case, it appears a lot of folks are pretty concerned about the damn Zika virus. Also the open sewer that will be the venue for some of the watersports. Also the fact some of the venues are only going to be about half-finished ... and the fact the government is in turmoil right now ... on and on and on.

But you know what?

Some people don't care about any of that.

One of them is American gymnast Gabby Douglas, who was asked the other day about the Zika thing. She all but sneered.

“It’s the Olympics,” Douglas told the AP. “Mosquitoes? Like, whatever. I’m going. This is my shot. I don’t care about no stupid bugs.”

Douglas, it should be pointed out, is 20 years old.

Ah, to be young and bulletproof.

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