Sunday, December 20, 2015

King of the hill

OK, boys and girls. We're going to do this quickly, on account of it's five days before Christmas and those gifts are not going to wrap themselves.

First, the scores:

Unranked Indiana 80, unranked Notre Dame 73. No. 17 Butler 74, No. 8 (and previously unbeaten) Purdue 68.

Now, the summation:

Butler is the premier college basketball program in the state. Hands down. Case closed. Class dismissed.

"Check your facts," Butler coach Chris Holtmann said yesterday, when asked about that very thing.

OK, we will.

Since 2010, Butler has played in the national championship game twice. Purdue, IU and Notre Dame have, well, not.

Since 2010, Butler has reached the tournament four times, reached the Final Four twice and has never lost in the first round. Notre Dame, Indiana and Purdue have combined for five first-round losses in a combined 12 appearances and only four times have advanced beyond the second round.

Hands down. Case closed. Etc., etc.

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