Sunday, October 18, 2015

That game

No, not that game, in which Michigan State stole one in the Big House with the second goofiest ending in the history of college football.

(And why was Michigan punting the football there, on fourth-and-2 at midfield and 10 seconds to play? I don't know. You don't know. Only Jim Harbaugh knows).

And, no, not that game, in which the Indiana Hoosiers blew a 52-27 lead with five minutes to play in the third quarter, at home, and lost to Rutgers, 55-52, on a last-second field goal.

Not that game. Not the Fumbled Snap From Beyond Space And Time Game. Not even the Cubs game, which ... well, which they lost, 4-2. And now they really need to win Game 2 of the NLCS today to avoid falling in a 2-0 hole to the Mets.

But enough.

We're here to discuss That Game, i.e., Colts vs. Patriots, i.e. Revenge of the Deflaters.

Here at the Blob we're all about the what-ifs (See: "What if Michigan had gone for it?"), so we'll start by saying, what if the Patriots march into Lucas Oil Stadium tonight and lay an egg? What if Bill Belichick has another brain cramp and goes for it on fourth down at his own 20 again? What if Tom Brady gets so over-pumped (over-inflated?) at the prospect of getting back at the people he blames for his own actions, and can't complete a pass?

Or how about this: What if Johnny Unitas comes down from heaven, tells Andrew Luck "I got this, kid" and throws for 400 yards and six touchdowns, all the while laughing at Darth Hoodie's puny attempts to get inside his head?

Because, listen, that will happen before all the other stuff happens, and so will flying pigs and unicorns. Here's the thing, see: Much as I love what-ifs, I got nothin' this time. I've been trying to think of a scenario where a pissed-off Brady and his pissed-off crew don't absolutely ball-peen the Horsies tonight, and I can't.

Truth is the Patriots laminated the Colts twice last year when they didn't have any special motivation to do so. Now they're in full raging Up Yours Goodell mode. And right at ground zero of that mode are the Colts, whom the Patriots loathe and despise anyway.

And so: Pats 42, Colts 14. But only if Brady doesn't have a chance to score more.

Sorry, folks.

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