Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A few brief thoughts on NFL Week 6

And now this week's installment of The NFL Words In So Many Words, the Blob craze that's sweeping the land, eliciting such comments as "Hey, are you gonna make fun of that goofy play the Colts ran?" and  "I know, why don't you just turn the whole thing over to that goofy play the Colts ran?":

1. "Hey, you stole our play!" (A million kids playing football in the backyard)

2. "What the hell?" (Bear Bryant)

3. "What the hell?" (Vince Lombardi)

4. "What the hell?" (Tom Landry)

5. "Awesome!" (The Marx Brothers)

6. "Hey, guys! They're playin' our song again!" (The Royal Academy of Yakety-Sax Enthusiasts)

7. "Hey, guys! They're playin' our song again!" (The Royal Academy of  Looney Tunes Enthusiasts)

8. "This would never have happened if we'd swiped coach's crayons like we planned." (Several anonymous Colts)

9.  "You want me to explain WHAT?" (Stephen Hawking)

 And last but not least ...

10. "I let the governor call ONE play ..." (Colts coach Chuck Pagano)

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