Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hillary's insult, and other frippery

My political outrage meter must be broken. Donald Trump just makes me laugh. Various other wanna-be demagogues only make me wonder how deep was their slumber during American History 101.

Heck. I can't even get fired up about this.

That Hillary Clinton called Indianapolis "basketball-crazed Indianoplace" in 2010 in one of those interminable e-mails elicits nothing from me but a shrug, and maybe a bemused chuckle. Once again a national political figure is revealed to be hopelessly ignorant of anything that lives and breathes outside the Beltway bubble. Stop the presses.

I mean, really. Indianoplace?

Good lord, I haven't heard Indy called that in, what, 30, 40 years? And it's as much football-crazed as basketball-crazed these days.

The Indy I know, that most people know, is a city that pulled off a Super Bowl in 2012 without a labored breath. It's a city with an NFL team that's been two Supes in the last eight years and won one of them. It's an Indy with a professional basketball franchise that's been around for almost 50 years, and that's been host to the most populous single-day sporting event in America for 100 years, and that holds the unofficial title of Best Final Four Site Ever, given how often the event returns there.

None of this would appear on either Hillary's or any other presidential candidate's radar, of course, which makes her comment more an occasion for ridicule and laughter than anything else. Yes, that's right, Ms. Clinton. We're all just common folk livin' in the cornfields out here in Indiana, runnin' the picket fence at 'em. Here, have a giant breaded tenderloin. Visit our one-room schoolhouses. And how about that indoor plumbin'?


You could attempt to update the candidate on what's happened in Indy since the last time she was  there (1970, apparently), but what would be the point? It's not like her comment was in any way serious (at least not the way I read it), nor will even hurt her chances in Indiana. Assuming she's even the Democratic nominee -- a rather large leap of faith these days -- she has not a hope in hell of carrying the state anyway. So this is all pretty much a non-story.

Candidate Reveals She's Howlingly Out Of Touch: Stop the presses.

Or, you know, don't.

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