Monday, August 17, 2015


Forget for a moment Andrew Luck's sharpness in a fleeting appearance yesterday, or the Colts going down 36-10 to the Eagles in a preseason result that meant about as much as preseason results always mean, which is not nothing but lives right next door to it.

No, the highlight of the day was ... the Return of The Tebow!

America's favorite fourth-string quarterback entered the game in Philly midway through the third quarter, and got a standing ovation from the home crowd. Given that Eagles fans are the biggest jerkwater fans in football (outside, perhaps, of the occasional Patriots home crowd), this was a not insignificant achievement in its own right.

Playing with and against mostly third-stringers, he led the Eagles to two field goals, completed 6-of-12 passes for 69 yards, and scored a touchdown on a scramble. He was also sacked twice to end a couple of fourth-quarter possessions.

But all-in-all, not a bad outing. It's highly unlikely he makes the team (at least as a QB), considering he was the third QB in (behind even Matt Barkley), and the Eagles presumptive starter, Sam Bradford, didn't even play. But it was a moment, and it was a nice one.

And somewhat refreshing, in that, for as long as he's with the Eagles, he's not likely to wind up on anyone's police blotter. After a couple of years of Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, Ray McDonald et al, that's a welcome thought.

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