Saturday, August 22, 2015

He said ... he said

The morning cool carries a hint of fall this fine day, which of course gets the Blob thinking about college football, which of course gets it thinking heretical thoughts.

No, not compensating players for the use of their names and images on apparel and the like. Good lord, that would be entirely too free market-y for a sport so driven by the academic mission of the universities it serves.

(A brief pause to let the sarcasm clear).

No, the Blob's thinking this morning that college football doesn't have enough bowl games. It needs one more, and I've got the perfect name: The Uh-Huh/Nuh-Uh Bowl.

The participants would be Baylor and Washington, whose head coaches are in a splendid little You Didn't Say That/Yes I Did tiff over defensive end and bad actor Sam Ukwuachu, who just get got 180 days in jail for sexually assaulting a former Baylor soccer player in 2013. This was after Ukwuachu allegedly punched around his girlfriend while at Boise State, which got him dismissed from the program and set him on the path to Baylor in the spring of  '13.

Baylor coach Art Briles says he didn't know nuttin' about that when he welcomed Ukwuachu into his program. Chris Peterson, then the Boise State coach and now at Washington, says Briles absolutely knew what kind of time bomb Briles was getting, because Peterson thoroughly "apprised" him of the situation in a phone call.

Briles came back yesterday and, essentially, called Peterson a liar. He claims Peterson only made vague references to Ukwuachu's history, saying only that the kid had had a "rocky" time with his girlfriend.

And so, it's a classic he said/he said. And it unfortunately obscures the real story here, which is how Ukwuachu only got 180 days in jail for what seems to have been straight-up rape. He could have (and should have) gotten 12 years. Instead he gets six months, even though he had a history of violence against women,


In the meantime, there seems to be only way to resolve the Briles/Peterson feud. Pit their teams against each other. On April 15, because no one ever lies on Tax Day. In Vegas, because no ever lies there, either.

Let the man who fudges the truth least win.


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