Thursday, August 13, 2015

Green meanies

So here they are, Domers, the unis your Fighting Irish will wear in the Nov. 21 Shamrock Series game against Boston College in Fenway Park.

First reactions:

1. Baylor wants its uniforms back.

2. Lantern icon on front instead of script "Irish" would be much scarier.

3. Although the Green Lantern likely would get all pissy about it.

4. Leprechaun on side of helmet beats shamrock on side of helmet every time.

5. 'Cause every time the Irish have worn the shamrock (See: late 1950s, early 1960s), they've been mediocre to sucky.

6. But, hey. At least they won't glow in the dark like Oregon's new unis.

7. 'Cause, really, unless the lights go out, what possible purpose do glow-in-the-dark unis serve?

8. Did we mention Baylor?

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