Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hey, look, college football, Part Deux

In which the Blob repeats its oft-repeated refrain that college football is a million times more fun than the NFL.

Want to know why?

UCLA coming back from 44-10 down to beat Texas A&M 45-44 is why.

Howard University beating UNLV as a 45-point underdog is why.

Virginia Tech (in the renewal of one of those great rivalries the NFL doesn't have) trading scores all night with West Virginia, then holding off the Mountaineers' final shot as the clock ran dry. Tennessee beating Georgia Tech in two overtimes when the Yellowjackets decided to go for the win and failed (something that would never happen in the NFL).

USC surviving Western Michigan. Illinois surviving Ball State. Louisville surviving Purdue.

Yeah. That's why.

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