Saturday, May 21, 2016

PC in DC. Or not.

I have been infected with political incorrectness, reading about this Washington Post poll that claims nine out of 10 Native Americans aren't offended by the Washington football club's nickname. I've decided it doesn't really matter that they rounded up a few Native Americans who didn't care if you called them names, because it doesn't really change the fact that you're calling them names.

Being un-offended by a racist nickname does not magically make it non-racist. It doesn't make it any less insensitive. I mean, if you call me a white-bread honky so-and-so, it's a racial slur. The fact I don't care if you call me that doesn't change that.

And so this poll (which is counterbalanced by ANOTHER poll that reports 65 percent of Native Americans regard the term "Redskins" as racist) is not quite the triumph the Washington football club's clueless owner, Daniel Snyder, regarded it as being. It's still a pejorative term. And it's still simple common decency not to use it if you can avoid doing so.

See what I mean? Totally politically incorrect.

Because, listen, bewailing simple common decency as PC has itself become PC, at least from where I'm sitting. It's become perilously close to a cliché, in fact. Certain political candidates being lauded for their political incorrectness, same deal. Being deliberately offensive, under the false flag of "telling it like it is," has become so much the new normal it's become, well, hackneyed. And therefore politically correct itself.

Or so it looks from here.

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