Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Heaven is a pink slip

Notre Dame just made its federal tax returns public, and you'll be pleased to learn that being a failure in South Bend is still the best gig going.

This upon the news that former football coach Charlie Weis, who last coached the Irish back when the single wing was in vogue (or so it seems), is still making more money in deferred payments than the current coach, Brian Kelly, even though Kelly has actually gotten ND to a place Weis never did, which is back in the national conversation.

Other people who made less money from ND than Weis: men's basketball coach Mike Brey, women's basketball coach Muffet McGraw and, yes, athletic director Jack Swarbrick.

Weis pulled down $2,054,744 in 2014 from ND, while the school paid Kelly $1,624,730. Brey earned $970,177 from ND; McGraw $1,377,396; and Swarbrick $1,605,070.

The most amazing thing about all of this: Weis tapped into this windfall because of a loss.   Notre Dame rewarded him with what was even then seen as a rash act -- a 10-year deal -- after the Irish pushed No. 1 USC to the limit in 2005 before losing 34-31 in what's forever after been known as the Bush Push game.

As the Blob has said before: Nice work if you can get it. Or even if you can't.

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