Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Don't mess with Canada

So, Dwyane Wade has apologized. Maybe he heard what happens when Americans dis Canadians.

Twice in our history we've invaded our neighbors to the north, and twice we've been thoroughly embarrassed.  The Canadians kicked our sorry butts back where we belonged as easily as Jean Beliveau would have skated rings around the competition had the Montreal Canadiens ever sent him down to play against peewees in Moose Jaw.

So, yeah. Wade apologized. It was disrespectful of him to continue taking warmup shots while "O Canada" was playing the other night in Toronto, and he heard about it. So he said, hey, sorry, my bad. Won't happen again. Please don't send the Mounties after me.

(Which, you know, would have been kind of cool. Although the Canadians would never have done it. They're too polite and too civilized -- not to say way saner than we are. More likely, they'd have done something less militant, like revoking Justin Bieber's passport. Sorry, Yanks. He's yours now.)

Anyway ... it's one more international incident averted, and the upset is The Game Show Host, Donald "I'm Great, Just Ask Me" Trump, didn't weigh in with some dopey comment about how Americans should never apologize for anything. It would be just like him.

Of course, in that case, I suppose there's still time.

Stay tuned.

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