Sunday, March 29, 2015

Perfection imminent

This was the chance, as the minutes got skinny and Notre Dame kept Kentucky in its wake. All along the smart guys said it was the Irish who likely had the physical skills and mental toughness to take down the Wildcats; Saturday they proved it, right up until Jerrian Grant's last desperate three from the corner fell unblessed.

The Irish could have. But they didn't.

And now?

Now Kentucky has history on a platter, because immutable laws of nature are at work. And the immutable law of nature that is most at work here is the one that proclaims you get one chance to ruin a quest like this.

And now the one chance is in the Wildcats' rearview.

They are going to go 40-0. Last night confirmed it.

They are going to go 40-0, and the Blob will duly eat the words it said it would four months ago, when it said the Wildcats would not, no way, uh-uh, go 40-0. The words will be served with a piquant marinara, or so I've been told by certain Wildcat fans with a vested interest in the impending humiliation. Some blue thing called a Wildcat-tini will be at hand to wash it down.

And, yes, I know the Wildcats get Wisconsin next, and other smart guys have been pointing to this matchup since the brackets were released. But the immutable law has doomed the Badgers. They're too late to the party. Notre Dame beat them to the Big Chance, failed or not.

And so a new prediction from the Blob, which doesn't have the sense God gave floor wax. It simply doesn't know when to quit while it's behind, and so it now proclaims that Wisconsin won't give UK the game everyone assumes it will, and two nights later the Wildcats will stick a fork in history by pounding whatever schlub comes out of the other national semifinal.

Likely it will be either Duke or Gonzaga, according to the chalk. Neither will be able to hang with the Kats, and the discussion will begin as to whether or not they're the greatest college basketball team ever assembled.

(The Blob's consensus: No. The 1990 UNLV team would beat them. A couple of the John Wooden UCLA teams would. But they'd smoke the last undefeated champion, the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers. Too much athleticism and size inside).

In any case ... they win. And the Blob looshushes.

Sorry. Mouth was full.    


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