Tuesday, March 10, 2015

About those deals

The Blob is nothing if not forthright, and so let me declare right up front that what I know about NFL free agency you could pack in a thimble with room left over for the family dog.

That said ... a couple of observations here on Sunday's two big potential signings:

* Ndamukong Suh is basically a nose tackle, right?

I mean, yeah, OK, technically he's listed at defensive tackle. But his function -- tie up blockers and be a run-stopper in the middle while collapsing the pocket on passing plays  -- is still the same.

And so I'm wondering about the rhetoric coming out of Miami today, which is that Suh is a game-changer who could turn the Dolphins from a .500 team into a playoff team (or a potential playoff team) all by himself.  I'm wondering how a guy who rarely touches the football, and whose signing with the Fish would basically exhaust the club's free-agency capital, is going to do that.

Look, Suh is a transcendental defensive player. There's no debate about that. And there's no question that he'd make the Dolphins defense substantially more stout.

But the Dolphins also need help at linebacker and defensive back, and they wouldn't be likely to get it now. They could lost Mike Wallace, who, as a wide receiver, impacts a game far more than Suh can. And they also need a tight end.

So ... yes, it's a big deal, if the Dolphins get him. But when I think of a game-changer, I think of a wide receiver or a running back or a quarterback. I don't think of a defensive tackle. And I certainly don't think of a defensive tackle as someone who, no matter how good, is going to turn around a team's fortunes.

But that's just me.

*  Frank Gore proves it really is about the money.

The boiled-down version is this: The Eagles get rid of one running back only to sign another running back who's older and has entered the chronological zone roughly known as Boy Did He Go Downhill Fast.

What's up with that?

Well, here's a clue: It's rectangular and green and has pictures of presidents and founding fathers on it.

The Eagles would save a bundle by sending off LeSean McCoy and signing Gore as his replacement as the team's principal back. Gore, at 31, would sign for about half what McCoy was getting, which frees up money the Eagles can use elsewhere.

And if Gore does suddenly enter the Boy Did He Go Downhill Fast zone ... well, he's a running back. And running backs are swiftly becoming perhaps the NFL's most replaceable parts.

So in a weird sort of way (the only way the Blob rolls, natch), this makes more sense to me than handing the keys to the vault to Ndamukong Suh.

But again: That's just me.

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