Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Arteries, schmarteries

The snow's almost gone (and thanks for that, Mr. I Was Just Kidding About That Whole Spring Thing).  The mercury's climbing shakily toward 60 again. And there are actual by-God thunderstorms in the forecast.

So, as the sole executor of this Blob, I say we talk some baseball.

OK. So not baseball, exactly.

Instead, let's talk about a glorious summer afternoon at the ballpark, specifically Miller Park in Milwaukee, and what you're going to be experiencing there on such an afternoon. Cold beer, you bet. An expanse of green so, well, green, it sears your retinas. And one more thing.

Say hello to nachos on a stick, America!

Yes, coming this summer, Brewers fans will get to chow down on something called Inside The Park Nachos, aka A Heart Attack You Can Hold In One Hand. It's a stick of beef and refried beans rolled in nachos, then deep-fried to a cholesterol-spikin' golden brown. Then it's drizzled with sour cream and cheese, just in case you have a stray artery somewhere that has managed to escape the rest without slamming shut.    


 Of course, there's more. This being Milwaukee, there will also be the Down Wisconsin Avenue Brat. It's an 18-inch bratwurst smothered in gravy, fries, cheese curds, cheese sauce, fried sauerkraut, jalapenos, sour cream and chives. And don't forget the Miller Park Bratchos, four kinds of sausage   (chorizo, Italian, Polish and bratwurst) chopped up and served atop kettle chips with sour cream, fried jalapenos and sauerkraut.

Double yu--!

Whoa. Heart stopped beating there for a second.

 I think I know what'll fix that.

Another bite, anyone?


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