Saturday, February 28, 2015

The (bleep) in the hat

So we're sitting in a local restaurant last night and I look up at the TVs over the bar, and there on the screen is the waste of oxygen known as "Jihadi John." And you know what he's wearing?

A Pittsburgh Pirates cap.

Yes, that's right. Some murdering piece of human excrement decided, probably not for any reason in particular, that he needed a cap for the picture. I don't know how it happened to be a Pirates cap, but as a lifelong Pirates fan, I am as not happy about that as everyone in the Pirates organization.

It says nothing good about the way 24/7/365 media works these days that players and club officials felt compelled to say that "Jihadi John" didn't represent the values of the Pittsburgh Pirates, as if that were not "well, duh" evident. Silly as it sounds, they undoubtedly said it because you just know that somewhere out there is a blogger who'd try to make some tenuous connection between a terrorist wearing a Pirates cap and the fact that Andrew McCutchen wears dreds.

Of course that's ridiculous. But turn on FoxNews for five minutes. Ridiculous is a media specialty these days.

At any rate ... I keep wondering what would happen if Roberto Clemente came back from the grave and saw that. I imagine he'd have something to say. He always did.

He also swung a mean piece of lumber. If you know what I mean.  

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