Saturday, February 21, 2015

Swift justice

So apparently it's not just on the field of play that NASCAR is way faster than the National Football League.

No Roger Goodell-like dithering or tepid half-measures applied when the ruling came down that Kurt Busch had smashed his ex-girlfriends head against a motorhome wall at Dover last Sept. 26. Virtually as soon as the Kent County (Del.) family court commissioner granted Busch's ex a protective order, NASCAR borrowed Roger the Hammer's dormant accoutrement and brought it down on Busch, suspending him indefinitely from racing or any other related activities.

This is how you send a message about domestic violence, and because NASCAR did so, it won't have to trouble itself with makeup calls and playing the public relations catchup game. There was no pussyfooting, and so there'll be no accompanying soft-shoe to curry lost public favor.

In retrospect it probably didn't help Busch's cause that he's been such an incorrigible horse's ass over the years, bad-acting his way out of a ride with Roger Penske and only recently getting a second (or third, or fourth) chance from Tony Stewart, collector of lost souls/stalled careers. And it for sure doesn't help that his mouthpiece is attorney Rusty Hardin -- the same goof who represents Adrian Peterson, and who said on ESPN's Mike &  Mike one morning that Peterson's 4-year-old son didn't suffer any permanent damage from his father beating him with a stick, and so it was all good.

This time Hardin, who's predictably painted Busch's ex as a bald-faced liar, said he was confident Busch would be exonerated in the long run. (Kept waiting for him to also say his ex had suffered no permanent damage from getting her head smashed into a wall, but no dice). Yeah, whatever, son. After all, who could possibly believe Busch would lose his temper like that?

NASCAR, for one. And now Busch is out, gone, finished at Faber.

 And Roger Goodell?

Still conducting news conferences.

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