Monday, October 27, 2014

Cougar in need

I once saw Doug Wasylk hurdle a guy like Edwin Moses.

It was out there among the corn and bean fields at Heritage High School, and Wasylk, the lineal descendent to Brandon Robinson and a brace of other great Heritage backs, had slalomed through the line of scrimmage and was headed in full cry, if memory serves, down the sideline. A DB came over, lowering his head for the impact.

Wasylk cleared him without even breaking stride.

I say this as a demonstration of the young man's talent, which he took with him to the University of Saint Francis, where he stuck his hard nose into the pile for Kevin Donley for four years. And I say it because there are some things in this unjust world that a hard nose and talent simply don't enable you to sail over cleanly.

The worst of those happened to Wasylk not long ago, when his wife, Elise, gave birth to the couple's first child, a boy they named Tucker Dean. Great joy was almost immediately followed by incomprehensible sorrow, however, when Elise died.

So send a few prayers the family's way, if you would. And if you're inclined to do more than that, here's a link to a website that's been set up to help relieve the family's financial burden:

Dig deep.

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