Saturday, September 20, 2014

Still not getting it

Roger Goodell said everything Friday you expect a man practiced in the art of spin to say, only more of it.

He said he blew the Ray Rice thing.

He said the league has to "get its house in order," and that they can't afford to repeat the same mistakes.

He promised yet another new conduct policy ... and said, oh, yeah, he was going to appoint a commission with, you know, some experts in domestic violence on it ... and slapped on various and sundry other public relations Band-Aids in what was a pretty standard exercise in damage control.

Not much damage got controlled, however. Because vague promises are one thing, and actions are another.

And so what still speaks far more loudly than anything Goodell said Friday is the fact that Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy are still being paid while they go through the legal process, via a special commissioner's exemption list. Out in San Francisco, defensive end Ray McDonald continues to play.  And on the same day Goodell was applying Band-Aids, a report broke that Ravens' executives pushed for leniency for Ray Rice and kept the in-elevator video from going public -- and that Goodell, even if he didn't know all those details, was compliant with their aim.

And then he topped it off with defiance when pressed for details during his news conference Friday.

Actions, again, speaking louder than words.

Corporate arrogance is something we should be all used to now in a nation ruled by corporate interests (How dare these little people question the COMMISSIONER OF THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!), but there comes a time when even corporate oligarchies overstep their bounds. And that time has come for Roger Goodell's NFL.

The mandate of his and his predecessors' regimes has always been to protect the Sheild at all costs. And it's time Roger Goodell did that.

Resign. Now.

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