Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A few brief thoughts on NFL Week 4

And now this week's installment of the Blob's intermittently memorable feature, The NFL In So Many Words ...

1. Hey, look, it's Jimmy Garoppolo!

2. You know, the New England quarterback who did not have a 59.9 QBR. That was Tom Brady.  Garoppolo was the New England quarterback with the 147.9 QBR.

3. The Chiefs quarterback, meanwhile, went 20-of-26 for 248 yards and three touchdowns in a 41-14 rout of the Patriots. He wasn't Tom Brady, either. He was Alex Smith.

4. But even Alex Smith wasn't ... Andrew Luck!

5. (Against the Titans!)

6. And then there was ... Aaron Rodgers!

7. (Against the Bears defensive backfield, which couldn't cover a $2 bar tab!)

8. Meanwhile, Teddy Bridgewater happened. And the Cowboys won (again!). And the Bills are still tied for the division lead, despite benching quarterback EJ Manuel.

9. For, um, Kyle Orton.

10. (Who's, um, OK. But he's no Jimmy Garoppolo).   

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