Monday, August 28, 2017

Your awesome vow for today

Because, you know, it's Monday. A day for vows.

Like, "I will not let Monday ruin me like it did last week."

Also, "And the week before that."

Also, "And every week I can think of dating back to 1987."

Anyway ... here's your vow for this Monday, courtesy of a University of Louisville radio host named Mark Ennis. It seems another broadcast guy, SEC Network analyst Cole Cubelic, tweeted out his predictions for the College Football Playoff. And, out of pretty much nowhere, he included North Carolina State.

To which Ennis responded he would "eat a live animal" if North Carolina State makes the playoff.

Now, he's probably safe, because North Carolina State is not going to make the playoff. But every red-blooded, meat-eating American just became a HUGE Wolfpack fan, because, come on, who doesn't want to see a guy eat a live animal?

It should be noted here that Ennis doesn't specify what live animal he would eat. Just a live animal. This means we are free to speculate, and also to offer suggestions.

I vote porcupine.

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