Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Doggiest days

Remember about six weeks ago, when the Blob noted that the San Francisco Giants were already 22 1/2 games out of the divisional race and it was still June?

Well, now we're just a week into the dog days of August, and they're 35 1/5 games out.

The good news: Yesterday they were 36 1/2 out. So they're gaining, sort of.

The bad news: There's still almost two months left in the season.

Random observation: Yesterday I was at the grocery store, and the outdoor displays consisted of jack-o-lanterns and skeleton decorations. Like, three months before Halloween.

Which makes me wonder, weirdly, if the Giants aren't being similarly proactive and already have most of their gear packed up for the offseason. I mean, when you're 35 1/2 games out, it's not like you're going to need it or anything.

Besides, it gives them ammunition for that letter to MLB commish Rob Manuel the Blob wondered about six weeks ago.

Dear Commissioner:

Can we go home NOW?

Look, we've already got our bags packed and everything. So it would be no problem. Really. Really-really.

Yours in pointless hanging-aroundness,

The San Francisco Giants

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