Sunday, March 6, 2016

The great disconnect

The Blob owes its followers (all two of you!) an apology this morning.

It really doesn't have anything informed to say about what happened last night in the octagon or whatever it's called.

Yes, I know. MMA is huuuuge these days (to parody a certain political gerbil). But if you'd asked me last week who Conor McGregor was, I would have replied "That guy in 'Braveheart' who said 'The English are too many'?"

Sorry, but there are things on everyone's personal radar that don't show up on someone else's and UFC doesn't really show up on mine. So I pretty much got nothin'.

Sure, I know who Ronda Rousey is, because everyone knows who she is. I know who Holly Holm is, because she beat Rousey. But Meisha Tate, who beat Holm last night?

Beats me. Is she related to Conor McGregor?

The people who follow MMA and make it so huuuuge say Tate whipping Holm was some sort of stunning upset, and Nate Diaz whipping McGregor was an even bigger upset. Again, beats me. I have no context. Apparently McGregor was more than just a guy with a big mouth, which is the only impression I have of him. Apparently he can actually fight, or whatever it is those guys do in the octagon.

(To me, it just looks like glorified street fighting. Couple of half-naked men/women trade a few punches and kicks, and then one tackles the other one, and then they roll around on the floor for awhile until one gets the other in a chokehold or something. Repeat.)

In any case ... it was a splashy night for MMA. Nothing generates attention in sports like showy upsets, and UFC Whatever Number It Was got not one but two. So, good for it.

Now Tate will apparently be taking on Rousey next. Which is good for guys like me.

I mean, Ronda Rousey! Who doesn't know her?

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