Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The Blob may not know much about team-building, given its inclinations on the basketball floor (Hint: Its two favorite words are "I'm" and "open"). But it knows enough to know you don't really do it this way.

The temptation here is to ask what D'Angelo Russell was thinking, but the answer is so self-evident (i.e., "He wasn't") that it's unnecessary. Suffice it to say it's a bleak ending to an extraordinarily bleak season for what was once one of the NBA's proudest franchises -- and, with Kobe heading out the door and the D'Angelo Russells and Nick Youngs in charge now, it paints an bleaker portrait of what the Lakers' immediate future looks like.

Your presumptive next franchise player closing out the year by outing a teammate and getting frozen out by all his other teammates in response?

Yes, sir. That really makes you look forward to next season if you're a Lakers fan.

Maybe the Lake Show just needs a little of this guy.

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