Sunday, March 20, 2016

A few brief thoughts on That Game.

And, come on, you know what game. Indiana-Kentucky. Hoosiers over Cats, 73-67. The honor of one fly-over state preserved against another fly-over state, this one slightly more backward and hicky.

(Not to be snarky or anything. OK, maybe a little snarky.)

Some observations:

1. I guess we can now add Des Moines to the list of places John Calipari will refuse to play the Hoosiers.

2. Indiana won because it was tougher, made more plays when they needed to be made and was tougher and made more plays defensively in particular. But it also won because the Kentucky bigs failed to show up,

3. A failure which had to happen if Indiana was going to win this game.

4. Yogi Ferrell and Tyler Ulis are the best point guard in America. And I say "guard" because I really don't know how you pick between them.

5. The best part of watching Indiana right now is watching OG Anunoby get visibly better with every game. Especially on the defensive end, where he's become That Guy You Don't Want To Be Guarded By.

6. Still waiting for him to have that huge coming-of-age game so headline writers can break out "Indiananoby."

7. Tom Crean could have picked a more attractive lucky shirt.

8. Robert Johnson's ankle and Juwan Morgan's shoulder hate Indiana with every traitorous fiber of their being.

9. Sometime today Crimson Nation will come down off its cloud and realize that beating Kentucky only means Indiana gets North Carolina next.

10. Shortly thereafter Crimson Nation will be heard to exclaim "(Bleeping) committee."

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