Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Your awesome Super Bowl moment for today

And, no, it's not from Media Night. (Or Opening Night. Or whatever they were calling it).

It's from the good people of San Francisco, host of Super Bowl 50, who of course are thrilled beyond telling to be the host city for such a momentous occasion. They love them some Super Bowl in Frisco, yes, they do. They also apparently have an appreciation for fine art, or more specifically an appreciation for what it isn't.

Seems the NFL, in its continuing mission to promote the hell out of itself, decided it would be cool to plant a bunch of huge Super Bowl 50 sculptures around San Francisco. This of course has gotten the creative juices flowing among San Franciscans, who have merrily set about defacing them.

And, yes, just so you know: "Up R Bowel" is my favorite.

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