Saturday, February 6, 2016

Quittin' time

I don't know if the handwriting is on the wall now for Rick Pitino. But it sure looks like someone just picked up the chalk.

That Louisville decided to self-impose a postseason ban before the NCAA even got its cumbersome investigative machinery in gear suggests that the allegations its basketball dorm was converted to a brothel have the weight of truth behind them. The whistle-blowing madam wasn't just whistling Dixie, apparently.

And so now the question becomes how long head coach Rick Pitino can survive, because he runs a program his own university just admitted is dirty. Best guess is he'll be forced to resign rather than be fired, because if you're the CEO of a corporate enterprise (and basketball on the level Louisville plays it is nothing but) you're the one who ultimately must be held accountable.

Is it possible Pitino's telling the truth about knowin' nothin' 'bout no sex parties?  Yes, it's possible, I suppose, in the way it's possible Donald Trump could eventually say something that halfway makes sense. In other words, it's a theory that has yet to be proven.

The Blob has recounted before its first-hand experience with Pitino and his nodding acquaintance with the truth, however, so it remains deeply skeptical at best that he didn't have some knowledge of what was going on right under his nose. As the Blob learned, Pitino's as good as they come at looking dead in the eye and lying to you.

If so, the truth will eventually out. And Pitino will be, too.

If he's not, then Louisville will have something else for which to discipline itself.

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