Monday, April 6, 2015

Here come the Cu--

Easter Sunday, and the day had spring on its breath.

The sun, warm on your neck. The smell of greening earth, filling your nostrils. Birdsong everywhere, waking you up, forming the background music to your life.

And what's this? Baseball?

You bet: Cardinals, Cubs, summer's on its way. Opening Night in the majors. A palpable edge to it this time, because the Cubs made all these moves in the offseason, and brought in this guy (Joe Maddon) who looks like your accountant but can actually manager the heck out of a baseball game. And out there on the bump, the prize of the winter: Jon Lester, poised to mow down those hated Birds once and for all.

And then the game started.

And, well, you know how it was gonna go. Lester got lit up, the Cardinals raking him for eight hits and three earned runs in 4 1/3. Meanwhile, Adam Wainwright did what Adam Wainwright always does, which is go six innings, give up five hits but zero runs and strike out six. And the Cardinals won 3-0.

Ah, well.

Wait 'til next year, right?


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