Monday, January 26, 2015

Your Media Day preview

Of course the NFL isn't going to deal with Deflategate until after the Super Bowl, Tom Brady. There's too much shrimp and high-end Chardonnay icing down already for that to happen.

That's  the biggest Well, duh, in the history of same, and anyone who thinks otherwise needs a quick lesson in what happens when justice collides with money. Priorities are priorities, and the priority here is the Shield's annual celebration of self. So it's full speed ahead, pass the shrimp and Chard -- and, please, not a breath about Ray Rice or concussions or what constitutes "a football move" when a guy climbs the ladder to make that Hall of Fame catch/not a catch.

And so you couldn't doubt Brady's word, at least on Sunday, when he said the only football move you can count on this week will be the NFL's bringing the Deflategate investigation to full stop. For all intents and purposes, it already has. Party on, dudes.

What's wrong with that is Bill Belichick will be on the sidelines Sunday instead of under NFL house arrest. What's right with it, albeit inadvertently, is that we'll get to watch Belichick (and every other Patriot) turn slowly on the grill tomorrow during Media Day.

The NFL refusing to put Deflategate to bed means it stays in play for at least another week, and won't that be fun. Especially hilarious will be watching Belichick's blood pressure rise with every shouted question. He'll be even more Belichick-ean than he was on Media Day in 2012, when some radio goof tried to get him to don a red plastic tricorn hat for the cameras.

"I'm not putting that on," Belichick growled.

He will, however, be subjected to yet more Deflategate for the solid hour he's mandated to be at his little booth, as will Brady and Gronk and everyone else. Who can't wait for that? Who can't wait for Marshawn Lynch of the Seahawks, fabled non-commicator, non-communicating about the fine he got for grabbing himself in a not-very-nice place after scoring against Green Bay?

Yes, sir. It's gonna be a ballsy day tomorrow. In, you know, one form or fashion.


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