Monday, January 5, 2015

A brief political comment

So remember the comment in the previous post about Jerry Jones (aka, The Skull) celebrating with his dweeb friends?

Well, one of them was New Jersey governor, and presumptive presidential candidate, Chris Christie. And apparently he is that rarest of things among politicians: A man honest about his sports allegiances.

There's nothing the Blob loathes more than a politician shifting into Fake Fandom mode, and there are numerous examples. Remember when John Kerry forget what side of the state line he was on and chirped "How about them Buckeyes?" to a largely Michigan crowd? And how about Hillary Clinton, alleged Cubs fan, donning a Yankees cap while running for office in New York?

(Note to Hill: No real Cubs fan would be caught dead wearing that mess on his/her head. You are hereby convicted of first-degree pandering).

Every time some politician does this, it confirms for the voting public that politicians are actually extraterrestrials from the Planet Tupperware -- i.e., 100 percent, grade A plastic. And so it's refreshing when one of them actually sticks by his team like a real fan, even if he is a presidential hopeful doing so in a big electoral vote state.

I'm not saying here that Christie hugging The Skull wasn't awkward and disgusting, because it was. But at least Christie is an actual Cowboys fan who's been to several games this season and always wears his lucky orange sweater. It's no doubt caused him untold grief, given that he's governor of a state that's the home base to the Giants, one of the Cowboys' fiercest rivals. But he's apparently never pretended not to be Cowboys fan -- and there's an outside chance he actually remembers Don Meredith and Bob Lilly, and maybe even Don Perkins. 

In that sense he's a lot like Barack Obama. Say what you want about Obama (and people will), but he roots unabashedly for his Chicago teams, and it doesn't matter where he is. Still remember the time he told a Wisconsin crowd the Bears were going to get the Packers this year.

The creatures from Planet Tupperware could take a lesson.


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