Monday, June 29, 2015

False alarms

Sometimes headlines are misleading. Shocker.

And so here's one that would bring the blogo/Twitter/Outrage-o-sphere to full boil, leaving internet scorch marks all over a certain professional basketball player: LeBron Opts Out Of Deal, Will Become Free Agent.

You can imagine the reaction, can't you?

Jerk ... tool ... can't believe he'd ... someone call Hollywood and get the deal started for Jilted II: The (Bleep) Does It Again. Stat.

Weeell ...

Notice I said would bring the blogo/Twitter/Outrage-o-sphere to full boil.

That's because if the headline might make Clevelanders want to jump off a bridge into the fiery Cuyahoga, the details will spare them such an unfortunate end. LeBron opting out of his deal was apparently expected by all parties, including the Cavaliers. It's a formality intended to restart negotiations with the Cavaliers over a new deal.

LeBron isn't going anywhere, in other words. He'll re-sign with Cleveland -- though an unrestricted free agent, he's not talking to any other teams -- but in order to restructure his deal, he apparently had to opt out of it first.

So calm down, people. And you boys out there in Hollywood?

Never mind.      

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